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How to write an effective summary on LinkedIn

As a student, you may feel that your LinkedIn profile feels incomplete due to a lack of experience. Even if you don’t have much experience related to the field you’re pursuing, you can still have an effective and interesting LinkedIn profile that gets the attention of potential employers. One way to do this is by using the “Summary” feature. This section is where you can really show your personality and get creative. You can tell a story that you think best represents your professional experience, or talk about your passion for your field of study.

The most important things to include are who you are, what you are currently doing (your area of study or current position), and what makes you unique. Some things you can choose to include in your summary are what your skills are, what experience you have, and what goals you have. In this LinkedIn article, they also recommend using keywords specific to your skillset that recruiters might search for, such as “graphic design,” or “data analysis.”