Argo Eats

The Fusion Experience links cultural awareness with food and fun

An array of colors filled the board of trustee’s room on October 7th. At exactly 9:00 p.m., a line of people zigzagged through the Campus Center. The aroma of the Cultural Fusion event made everyone eager for the night ahead. To kick off University Weekend, La Mesa, The Residential Oasis For Intercultural Engagement, brought students together through food, music, giveaways and, most importantly, a dance floor.

Student organizations such as the Bengali association, Los Latinos Unidos, The Pakistan Student Association, Osprey Senate, and the SET Team sponsored the event. Student associations had their own tables providing club information, crafts, and fliers for upcoming events. In addition to food, there were performances by the Dynasty Alliance, Grupo Folklorico Gadalupano, The Bengali Student Association, and The Pakistani Student Association

Jasmine Vu, a sophomore majoring in biology, said she enjoyed the egg rolls and watching the Dynasty Alliance. “I loved the Vietnamese fan performance. I’m Vietnamese and I thought it was so cute.”

Freshman, Sabina Chowedury said she loved the beef empanadas. “I just joined the Pakistani and Bengali student association,” said Chowedury. “I really enjoy it. I can’t wait to join more clubs.”

Sophmore Mahasir Zaman said, “I love that all the student alliances came together and sponsored this event.”

The night went on as students flooded the dance floor. Everyone in the room bounced along to the different sounds of culture. Many began to jump high as their favorite songs played through the speakers, the ones they’ve listened to since childhood.

On their Instagram page, La Mesa said, “We curate our events with YOU in mind. To provide spaces for all of you to flourish, exist and be.”