Campus Life

Student Senate holds first in-person meeting since before COVID

After a whole school year of online zoom meetings, Student Senate was more than excited to finally sit together in person to address any concerns from students and faculty. President Brianna Bracey made opening remarks expressing her gratitude to return to campus and her eagerness to welcome new senators after the election.

From September 28-30, students were welcomed to vote for new senators to represent the Stockton community. Twelve seats were filled by students who intend to promote on-campus inclusivity and involvement, as well as addressing concerns of the student body.

Irenonsen Eigbe was officially voted in as Vice President of Student Senate. Eigbe, who is a junior majoring in Biology with a concentration of pre-professional studies, was formerly the governmental affairs chairperson.

Chrissy Easton, a case management specialist at the university, discussed Stockton’s referral program, Stockton Cares. Through this program, students and faculty can submit a care referral if they are concerned that another student is experiencing food, housing, and financial insecurities, as well as physical and mental health issues. Through this program, students will be connected with a case manager who will provide the proper resources so that they can continue their Stockton journey.

Later, the Muslim Student Association took the stand to discuss Muslim food insecurities on campus. President Fatima Khawaja, Secretary Salwa Khan, and Vice President Annie Imran discussed the lack of Halal food on campus. The students shared their experiences about receiving food from the university labelled as halal but, after a closer look, was not actually made with halal ingredients.

Finally, Dr. Adrian Wiggins discussed the enhancements that will be made to dark paths. The university is planning to add light posts, call boxes and security cameras to ensure student safety. The completion date for this project could be as early as November.