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Stockton alum Hersh Anand encourages students to find their passion career

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“Living the dream” has meant living his passion. Hersh Anand, cryptocurrency and digital entrepreneurship educator, shared the nuances of his own journey after graduating from Stockton, and how he has defined his success ever since. Anand’s business partner and close friend, Dan Adams, was featured in last week’s issue of The Argo.

On Thursday, Sept. 16, Anand taught a workshop with Adams on digital entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency here at Stockton. Anand highlighted the crucial presence of these workshops; he believes the future of the financial world depends on this knowledge.

Portrait of Hersh Anand. Photo courtesy of Karan Marwah, IG: @milestomillion

The interactive nature of the group made the workshop exciting and fun, for Anand and students alike. Having walked in a college student’s shoes, he focuses upon giving back to the student community: on the local and global scale.

Anand studied Economics and minored in Global Studies as a Stockton student. After graduating in 2016, the career choices he made over time ultimately led him to his ideal, fulfilling career.

“I’ve always been an educator in one way, shape, or form,” he said. During his time at Stockton, helping to teach children in Atlantic City honed his passion for education. His skills in connecting with others and public speaking also surfaced in these experiences.

This gave Anand ideas of how he could turn these interests and skills into a career. Although the beginning of his career path involved running his own insurance business, learning of the digital entrepeneurship industry was the greatest career transition for Anand.

He admired the success of Stockton alum and friend Jason Brown, and thereafter became immersed in the e-commerce and cryptocurrency industries. Knowing of the prosperity that can be attained in the field, he soon encouraged Adams to consider his own career trajectory.

“We started moving mountains,” said Anand. He and Adams now dedicate themselves to the educational platform they have created for digital entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency. Having the opportunity to travel and educate others has brought him the utmost joy of changing others’ lives.

Anand believes everyone defines success differently, but his definition has consisted of this one question: “How many lives are better off because you lived?”

“I’ve always had a life goal of helping 100 million people live a better life,” Anand added.

This mentality influences his everyday; from analyzing the markets early in the morning to teaching classes and attending meetings throughout the day, Anand’s work is driven by pure passion. Thousands of students make up his online platform.

Anand’s global reach has guided him closer and closer to his goal.

He encourages business students to think about how they can pursue these diverse industries. He has found the opportunities within them are limitless. 

“Digital entrepreneurship is the easiest way for people to get into business,” Anand said. Because involvement in these industries can start with, for example, buying and selling items online, there is no shortage of access into the field globally.

Whether in business or beyond, certain lessons have been vital to Anand’s career journey. Thinking about the legacy you wish to leave behind someday can be your starting point. He believes living with intent will manifest the life of your dreams.

Finding the support to reach these heights often begins with mentorship, too. He adds, “Find someone in the job field you would like to be, and ask to shadow them.”

Anand has found that gaining self-confidence is everything in the professional world. Promoting positive self-image and stepping outside your comfort zone socially are all part of the process. Creating yourself is creating success.

“You can’t love anything or grow anything else until you love yourself,” he said. 

Students can join in these bimonthly workshops on Zoom to learn about these opportunities. The Career Education and Development event schedule will fill students in on the details.