Stockton News

Welcome Message from Provost Leamor Kahanov

Hello, and welcome to the fall 2021 semester.                   

As your new Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, I know what it’s like to arrive at an unfamiliar place in pursuit of a new journey. I have spent the summer learning and becoming a member of the Stockton community. My first few months here in the Pine Barrens have made me confident that I, and you, have chosen wisely in coming to Stockton. This is truly a special place—for learning, living, and being a part of something greater.

Upon hearing my title, many people ask, “What is a provost, and what do you do?” As Provost, I oversee the seven academic schools and all academic support services offered at Stockton. Concurrently, I serve as the Vice President for Academic Affairs within the University. This position continually ensures that every student receives the highest quality educational experience possible.

Stockton’s unique academic philosophy encourages all students to expand their horizons—in academics, extracurriculars, and beyond. Core GENS courses and dedicated major-specific curricula prepares you for furthering education, career, or community service. 

A well-rounded college experience goes beyond the classroom. Stockton’s commitment to this philosophy is enhanced with our RISE initiative, so students may have rich opportunities such as research, internships, scholarship, service, global experiences, and a host of other engagements. As we share this plan with the campus community, I encourage you to get involved.

I know you arrived on campus following more than a year of online education. The pandemic has kept us isolated, but now you once again have the opportunity to explore. Getting lost at Lake Fred my first day gave me the opportunity to explore our beautiful campus. As you begin this new semester, I encourage you to reach out, explore, and discover all that Stockton has to offer.