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Brianna Bracey named Student Senate president

Brianna Bracey, the newest Student Senate president, addressed incoming freshman and transfers at Stockton’s Spirit Day during Welcome Week. Bracey stepped up as Student Senate President after resignation of former club president, Katherine Campion.

Bracey, who is a Criminal Justice major with a double-minor in victimology and victim services, has participated as a Governmental Affairs Senator since her freshman year. This year she is determined to create a safe space for the the student body. Bracey views Campion as a close friend and described her as a phenomenal president, especially under COVID-19 circumstances.

Brianna Bracey. Photo courtesy of

“I want to be honest. I wish I could stand up here and give you all a sense of relief or answers to all of your questions, but college is genuinely what you make of it,” Bracey addressed the student body. Bracey defined being an Osprey as someone who has the heart to care for others while still having the ability to take care of themselves.

Stockton held its Spirit Day pep-rally on September 6th at Big Blue. Students walked around the track as a spirt walk and returned to big blue to listen to notable speakers including Bracey, interim provost Michelle McDonald, and Chris Catching

An after-party was held at the freshman housing where students could shop from vendors, eat finger food, dance to music, and even sit in a dunk talk. The SET team, Student Development, Student Senate, Greek Life, and other clubs and organizations were tabling to answer students’ questions.

“I want to make sure the student body, and even staff, can say that they can come to me for any problem,” said Bracey. “In addition, I am so excited to work with my vice president, Student Senate and the student body. I hope they are just excited as I am.”