Show Me Your Records #2: Anthropology Professor Dr. Laurie Greene

Dr. Greene shows off her copy of The Doors’ self-titled LP. Photo courtesy of Dr. Laurie Greene.

The second edition of “Show Me Your Records” features some gems from the collection of Stockton Anthropology professor Dr. Laurie Greene. Her picks cover a pretty wide swath of music, from the psychedelic 60’s to the new wave 80’s. These picks provide a brief but compelling history of pop music from the late 20th century, and Dr. Greene was more than happy to share some of that history.

  1. The Doors – “S/T” (1967) (ABOVE)

Dr. Greene: Their first album and their best. Memories of Vietnam protests and fear of nuclear energy.

2. David Bowie – “Let’s Dance 12” single (1983)

Dr. Greene: I love all Bowie, as he signified androgyny to me, but this LP is just a rare find. Danced many times in my apartment to this solo.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Greene

3. Bob Dylan – “Highway 61 Revisited” (1965)

Dr. Greene: Dylan is a god! “Highway 61” is quintessential Dylan and was all about my teenage angst.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Greene

4. Joni Mitchell – “Miles of Aisles” (1974)

Dr. Greene: First time I had ever heard anyone that came from Canada. I love her poetry in this classic.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Greene

5. The Go-Go’s – “Beauty and the Beat” (1981)

Dr. Greene: I thought female punk was the best! Saw them the first time as the opener for the Sex Pistols!

Photo courtesy of Dr. Greene

Big thanks to Dr. Greene for showing off some of her records!

You can check out a Spotify playlist with some songs from the albums above HERE.

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