Opinion: Death By Rock and Roll, The Pretty Reckless album review

When it comes to current rock n roll bands, The Pretty Reckless are unquestionably at the top of the modern rock food chain. I became an avid fan about 2 years ago. A friend of mine told me about them and thanks to Spotify , I was able to instantly look up their catalog . I was completely blown away . The first track I’ve ever heard from them was “Take Me Down” off their 2016 release Who You Selling For. Right then, I knew the band was special .

The Pretty Reckless have an incredible musical chemistry and all band members play off each other flawlessly. What really stood out to me was their lead vocalist Taylor Momsen. She rose to fame in the CW cult classic television show Gossip Girl as Jenny Humphrey. Her vocal range is just incredible and I had no clue she had that much talent with vocals that resemble Joan Jett and Janis Joplin.

The Pretty Reckless was formed in NYC in 2009 with Taylor Momsen on vocals, Ben Phillips on lead guitar, Mark Damon on bass, and Jamie Perkins on drums. Since then, the band has soared in the rock community. With three successful LP’s under their belt, there seems to be no stopping them. Death By Rock N Roll continues that momentum. The title tracks a killer rock n roll groove with crunchy, distorted guitar that sounds fantastic. Even more impressive are Momsen’s vocals when she lets out a devilish scream. You can really tell she bought her A game to this record. 

“Only Love Can Save You Now” is the band’s love letter to 90’s grunge. It is fitting, since the song features former Soundgarden members Kim Thayil (guitar) and Matt Cameron (drums). Taylor Momsen channels her inner Chris Cornell while Cameron provides a steady groove on drums. Thayil slays on the guitar. 

With “My Bones” reveals the band’s heavy influence by British heavy metal gods Black Sabbath. The opening bass riff from Damon is a tip of the hat to Black Sabbath’s doom metal classic “Children Of the Grave”. Phillips guitar is beautifully distorted and is the backbone for this rocking heavy tune. 

“25” is a soulful Led Zeppelin Kashmir inspired rock n roll ballad . Because the song has lots of space musically, it showcases Monsmen’s true vocal talent as she belts out incredible high notes while letting her voice flow flawlessly throughout.

Death By Rock N Roll is a tremendous record from The Pretty Reckless. This band is truly at the the top of their artistic game. Lucky for fans like myself, they are going to be around for a very long time.