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Freshmen adjust to campus life during the pandemic

 Written for The Argo by Eric Dahan

Many upperclassmen can recall the excitement and anxiety associated with the freshman experience; some are eager to start classes, join clubs, and make friends. On the other hand, some freshmen fear their newfound independence. A usual freshman year transition can prove itself to be quite the adjustment for many students, which leaves many wondering what freshman year looks like in a pandemic world. 

While Covid-19 surged through the country last spring, the high school class of 2020 committed to their institutions with hopes of normalcy for the fall semester. However, students’ hopes for a formal freshman year dwindled as the pandemic persisted. Though many colleges and universities did not permit on-campus residency, students at Stockton had the choice of remaining home or moving on campus for the fall semester. To better understand how the adjustment to college life is influenced by the pandemic, The Argo reached out to Nyle Scott, a freshman student at Stockton University. When asked about his experience living away from home for the first time, Scott said, “I’ve found that I have an appreciation of the responsibility of living on my own. I like the freedom. Yeah, I like the new people that I have met. There isn’t a whole lot to do, but I’m making the best of the situation.”  

 Scott confirmed that while he is happy with his decision to move on campus during the  pandemic, residential life is far from how he expected it to be. “The pandemic has affected everything in my life at this point,” Scott said. “It has made it harder to hang out with friends and meet people. Clubs and organizations aren’t as active.” 

When questioned if he has still been able to meet new people and establish friendships amidst the various pandemic-related restrictions, Scott answered, “Yes, definitely. I have met a lot of people and made a lot of connections. Quarantine isn’t the best right now, but everything is looking up.”

Despite the severity of the pandemic, Scott, along with many of his freshman and first-year peers, has maintained a positive outlook on the situation and wishes to make the best of his time at Stockton University. Many hope that, with time, this group of students will continue to adjust well and will eventually have the opportunity to experience a sense of normalcy on campus.

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