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Stockton University Foundation establishes the Social Justice and Equity Fund

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The Stockton University Foundation, an organization that supports philanthropy at Stockton, has established the new Social Justice and Equity Fund. These fund grants can be awarded to student clubs/organizations, students collaborating on a social justice project, and any other group/project that supports wide-reaching equity.

The Social Justice and Equity Fund Steering Committee will accept applications for the grant that calls for proposals at pre-designated times throughout the year. The committee aims to award students advancing social justice issues in the Stockton community and beyond, with the hope that the funds will result in achieving real goals.

“The Social Justice and Equity Fund was established in the fall of 2020 because so many students had inspired us with their action and activism,” said Dan Nugent, member of the steering committee. Nugent is also the Chief Development Officer and Executive Director of the University Foundation. “The Foundation wanted to ensure financial resources would not be a roadblock to their continued efforts.”

Nugent and the rest of the foundation encourages all students to learn about the Fund, adding that they can “apply for grants to aid their work, partnerships, and research.”

For information on how to apply, and to read more about the fund and the Stockton University Foundation, click here.