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Students share perspectives on Thanksgiving changes

Written for The Argo by Sierra Snead

Thanksgiving break serves as a healthy pause in academic life that allows students to kick back, visit their families, and celebrate the appreciative holiday. Now, with an average of 3,821 new cases a day and a whopping 3,968 cases reported on November 22nd, the Stockton community is faced with some difficult decisions regarding the upcoming festivities. Many concerns were raised regarding travel, safety, and returning home. The danger of large gatherings remains present, especially with the recent uptick in positive cases. As a result some are finding creative modifications to the traditional turkey day. The Stockon community voices their thoughts to gain a greater perspective of anxieties and possible solutions. 

Virtual learning is broadening the horizons of digital communication, and some students plan to use their recently acquired knowledge to connect with their loved ones this holiday. Ospreys, such as Denise Brown, are using the power of Zoom to bridge pandemic-induced gaps. She plans to host a traditional meal at home while using the video software to have dinner with her distant family.

Although she plans to best attempt a Zoom Thanksgiving, she admits that “It’s so weird not seeing my nephews and nieces” this year. Zoom has offered some solace in this year of distancing and precaution, but it can sometimes lack certain aspects of reality. 

Other students, such as Midge Eson, have opted for hosting a meal with their nearby family. Only members within their home are participating to ensure safety. With a lack of positive cases in the household, it is a responsible way to participate in this day of union. They are considering using video calls to reach non-local family members and include them in the

celebration. Thankful for good health, Eson is not letting the difficulties of this pandemic dampen his spirits. 

Many are returning home from visiting campus, thus free COVID-19 testing has been made available to the community. From November 21st to 24th, and on December 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th, testing is available at either the Galloway or Atlantic City campuses. Appointments in advance are recommended, and unanswered concerns can be addressed by the FAQ on the Stockton Covid-19 Testing website. For further questions with scheduling a test, please contact Health Services at 609-652-4701 to speak with a medical provider. There are a variety of resources available both online and by phone to help support the Ospreys in these trying times. 

While many things have been stripped away temporarily because of the pandemic, this is time to pay heed to what remains and offer thanks. Stay safe, stay smart, and try to find some light in these dark times using both the resources aforementioned and the traditional, do-good spirit of this gratuitous holiday.

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