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Student organization, “The Science of Life Club,” coming to Stockton

Written for The Argo by Krishna Keshava Das

The Science of Life Club is in the process of becoming a new student organization. Faculty advisor, Professor Jennifer Lyke, is looking for at least ten students to join (providing a Stockton email and Z-number) to create the club officially.

This student organization aims to consider, promote, and contribute to the synthesis of the sciences and humanities, with a focus on the role that life plays within these diverse fields of study. This focus includes consideration of the emerging multidisciplinary field of consciousness studies. Various engaging educational activities will be organized in line with this purpose.

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The club plans to study the world and reality, emphasizing natural sciences, philosophy, and religion. The club will also take a more holistic approach, inclusive of consciousness and life’s fundamental role. 

This club is associated with a nonprofit educational organization, the Bhakti Vedanta Institute of Spiritual Culture and Science (, whose Serving Director has been involved with this work since 1976.  

The BVISCS has also organized the 8th International Conference, Science and Scientist 2020: Understanding the Subject/Object, Mind/Body Unity ( This digital conference is scheduled for December 20 to 22, 2020.

“During last year’s conference at Rutgers University, Science and Scientist 2019: Understanding the Source and Nature of Consciousness and Life, the idea that ‘the object is what the subject knows it to be’ was brought up in relation to subject and object seeming to oppose eachother,” said Krishna Keshava Das, Stockton philosophy major. “The Science of Life Club will explore the philosophical foundations of such a profound claim, and consider the implication of it throughout science, art, and religion.”

The Science of Life Club hopes to have its first meeting before the end of this Fall 2020 semester.

If you would like to join the Science of Life Club or the “Science and Scientist 2020” conference, please contact Krishna Keshava Das at

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