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Stockton announces Veterans Day programming

Written for The Argo by Jakub Suchojad

Observed on the anniversary of ending World War I, Veterans Day celebrates all the men and women who donned the US Military uniform. Stockton University, well-known for its affinity towards the veteran community, always takes part in the festivities. To find out what is in store for both veterans and the general public this year, I talked to Dr. Jason Babin, the Director of Military and Veteran Services.

“As with previous years, we intend to offer a week of programing our military and veteran students. This year’syear’s program will focus on diversity, inclusion, and understanding,”” said Babin. We intend to offer several webinars and programs that help educate our community on what it means to serve and the challenges veterans face as they integrate into the campus community. We also hope to remove any misconceptions that people may have about our population by discussing the current climate of our country”.

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The veteran community on campus is a close-knit and lively one, but since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Veteran’sVeteran’s Lounge has been closed.

“We have been maintaining communication with all our students via email, phone calls, and social media. While we may not be with them in person, we are connected through virtual means,”Babin said.

He also said that its crucial students know the resources available to them. “My office and the many other offices around campus, are here to help them and make their experience better. The biggest challenge many of our students will face will be knowing that it is okay to ask for help and guidance.”

For the current list of upcoming events hosted by the Military and Veteran Services, please visit the following webpage:

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