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Campus center bookstore talks COVID-19 operations

The pandemic has created challenges for many businesses, including the Stockton University bookstore. Specifically, shipping vendors (FedEx, UPS, USPS) were challenged with delays in the face of COVID-19, as there was an extreme increase in online customer purchases. Also, course materials experienced a delay, as publisher warehouse staff also declined.

Above: Galloway bookstore at the Campus Center. Photo courtesy of

Since the store decreased its hours on top of previous temporary closings, online sales have increased dramatically. However, the in-person Campus Center Bookstore in Galloway, is in fact, open. It was temporarily closed, along with the entire university during COVID-19 closings. Now that the store has reopened, it did so with limited hours, an extensive cleaning protocol, and new operating standards.

“The staff and I follow daily required COVID-19 policies and procedures which are aligned with CDC standards and the state of New Jersey mandates. We also guide our customer interactions,” said store manager, Joanne Bishop.

The Atlantic City campus’ bookstore has closed to decreased sales, as is the Lower E-Wing store for staff and customers’ safety. Students, faculty, and staff can still go to the back window for clerk service and to pick up merchandise ordered online for in-store pickups.

Precautions at the Campus Center Store include completing a daily COVID certification before starting their shift—attesting that they do not have a fever or any other symptoms. Staff must wear an approved mask, wash hands often, and use hand sanitizer, all while social distancing throughout the store.

The store limits the number of customers allowed inside at one time. Surfaces in the store are cleaned and disinfected every two hours, and new aisles help with the directional flow and the six-feet distance safety guidelines. Masks are required for everyone at all times.

Customer signage and guidelines are also posted within the locations so that customers can feel safe knowing that the campus businesses operate with rigid safety precautions in place.

“When my staff sees students not wearing masks properly when they enter our store, we kindly remind them to cover their nose and mouth, and they comply without issue,” Bishop said.

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