Opinion: Returning to fall sports

Above: *Photo taken pre-COVID-19* LeDonne, center, with soccer teammates.
Photo courtesy of Salena LeDonne.

During a recent virtual meeting, one of my bosses asked me, “Salena, when was the last time you started the school year without a soccer season?” 

As if to give me a chance to count back the years, the Zoom froze momentarily. When the glitch ceased, I could see on-screen that my cheeks had flushed pink. 

“16 years.” I responded bravely. 

Before then, it hadn’t hit me how different a crisp Fall afternoon felt without a soccer ball between my feet. 

Fortunately, sports are attempting to trickle back amid the pandemic, and I think I can vouch for all student-athletes when I say I’ve been itching to return. 

The war on COVID is far from over, but a tentative outline for athletics—which you can read about in my newest article, —is a step in the right direction. It all reminds me of the essence of true teamwork.

If I’ve learned anything throughout my 16 years of soccer, it’s that teamwork makes the dreamwork.

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