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Greek life adjusts to campus regulations; “Meet the Greeks” to take place virtually

Members of fraternity and sorority organizations on campus meet strangers while recruiting potential members each semester. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, where face-to-face social interaction is on hold, there will be some adjustments to this process.

Typically, Stockton students interested in joining greek life would attend the “Meet the Greeks” event, held in the campus center. This event, attended by each recognized Stockton fraternity and sorority, acts as a showcase for new members to learn more about Stockton’s various greek organizations.

Above: *Photo taken pre-COVID-19* Stockton University’s greek life webpage photo. Photo courtesy of

“Students can expect a similar experience attending this semester’s Meet the Greeks compared to previous semesters,” said Joe Thompson, Assistant Director of Student Development. “The big difference, of course, is that it will be virtual. Students will still be able to ‘move’ from chapter to chapter to talk to their members and learn about their organizations, except instead of tables in one large room, it will be zoom breakout rooms. We want to create that same face-to-face experience as much as possible.”

Thompson, who oversees Stockton’s greek chapters, said there will be other safety protocols utilized in the recruitment process. While some events will move forward in-person, a third-party establishment will host them in order to follow proper safety guidelines. He said all of Stockton’s fraternity and sororities cooperated with promoting a safe recruitment process.

“This year’s virtual recruitment and Meet The Greeks is definitely something new for us all but it’s a challenge we’re up for,” said Aliza Brown, President of Delta Zeta Sorority. “With everything being virtual, it’s much more casual and comfortable sitting in your own personal space and talking to people through zoom.”

Above: *Photo taken pre-COVID-19* Delta Zeta recruitment posted on their Instagram page @deltazeta_ob.

“We’re adapting to all of these changes very well and our girls are embracing these changes the best we can. At the end of the day, it’s all about perspective and making the best of the situation at hand because staying safe and healthy is our top priority,” Brown said.

Students looking to learn more about Fraternity and Sorority life at Stockton are can visit the Fraternity and Sorority page on the university website. To attend Meet the Greeks, on OspreyHub.

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