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University to offer students pass/no credit grading option

Alexa Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, April 3, The Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Christopher C. Catching, forwarded students a message from Dr. Michelle McDonald regarding the offering of pass/fail (no credit) grading to all undergraduate Stockton Students.

McDonald, who is the Interim Provost of Stockton University and Vice President for Academic Affairs, addressed and sent this email to all professors in response to the university’s moving to online instruction due to COVID-19. 

The message explained that Stockton has decided “Pass/No Credit” will be an option available to all students this semester. “In essence, at the end of the term, all faculty will submit final letter grades through the usual process,” McDonald wrote.

“Graduating seniors will then have two days, and all other students two weeks after grades are posted to decide whether to choose the P/NC option for each class.” 

Rumors of this decision have been highly anticipated, as other universities in New Jersey have adopted the same type of plan.

Rutgers University announced its offering of Pass/No Credit on March 20, and Rowan University’s provost made a similar statement explaining its policy on March 23.

“I think Pass/No Credit is positive and negative,” said Domenick Mercadante, a Communication Studies student who plans to graduate in the fall.

“It may save the grade of many who need it, but will also bail out students who haven’t and weren’t taking their classes seriously leading up to this point in the semester.” 

Despite the downsides of this system, McDonald’s message reminded this is only a temporary offering to make things a bit easier during a stressful time. 

“This does not set a precedent or relax our commitment to academic rigor. It is a recognition that faculty and students are facing a semester like no other and that all of us are doing what we can to help each other through it,” she wrote.

“I have been at Stockton for fourteen years and am still learning aspects of the institution. But the most enduring lesson this spring will most certainly be the resolve and grit that so many of you have demonstrated, and a willingness to confront collaboratively what was inconceivable a few short weeks ago—and in the face of increasing uncertainly ahead. It has been inspiring and humbling to say the least,” wrote McDonald.

For more information on this semester’s Pass/No Credit grading option, check your Stockton University email for more updates.

Or, visit for an extensive list of guidelines of the policy.

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