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New Fish Species Found in Lake Fred

After a long and arduous winter of cold temperatures and even snow on campus, it seems that most students are excited about the return of the warmer weather. Especially for those who prefer to fish around Lake Fred, as the fish begin their spawning season and continually become active again.  

It has been a great socially distant activity for most of the students who have fishing poles on campus and many see it as a nice break away from classes when the weather is pleasant. However, some students have begun to report spotting a new fish around the lake that they have never seen before. With its large body, ping pong sized eyes and orange coloration, one would think that most students would be able to spot this new phenomenon on campus. Though the organism seems to be rather elusive to most of the fishers, and has been seen as anecdotal till recently some people were able to take a photograph. 

The picture seems to show a species never before seen in most freshwater lakes around this area. Efforts have been made to try and capture this organism to have the biology and marine science faculty examine the organism, to no real luck. Most who are able to catch the organism state that they were using Old Rods or Good Rods, and that they would become shocked watching the organism use Splash and jump back into the lake. 

“Magikarp” image credit to Joshua Dunlop of

Faculty are worried that this organism may just be in its juvenile stage at the moment and may go through some metamorphosis to become something even larger and more difficult to capture. They are still thoroughly baffled by the finding all together and have many questions as to how this new species was brought to Lake Fred. 

For students who find this creature and manage to capture it with some sort of device or merely snap a photograph of the organism, it should be directed towards Professor Oak. Though if he is unavailable, one should go to Dr. April Fools!

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