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Pathways to Healing’s fairy village allows for whimsical escape

Hidden along the paths between the light and dark paths near the main campus, one may  run into a particular set of miniature houses. From oversized toadstool mushrooms to  doors at the base of tree trunks one may see the creative and child-like magic in this little area.  These are the fairy houses created by the Pathways to Healing club as a way to give back to the  Stockton community and to allow members to explore creative ways to design miniature whimsical  houses.  

The Pathways to Healing fairy village started out as a pipe dream that the club’s  president, Allison Reid, had when trying to create fun projects especially once the pandemic  occurred and in person meetings were no longer viable. Instead, members of the club would meet  virtually for Allison to give them a demonstration of how to make the houses and afterwards members set about putting their own spin on the tutorial.

Some of the hand-painted fairy houses at the village. Photo courtesy of @StocktonOGE, Office of Global Engagement at Stockton University on Facebook.

All of the  houses start out with recycled materials for bases–such as glass or plastic bottles and salad  containers–and the students then built their houses using biodegradable air drying clay. They painted with acrylics to add the bright pops of color. To ensure that the paint does not chip or fall into Lake Fred, each house has been sprayed with sealant and litter is picked up to keep the village looking fresh and pristine.  

On top of that, there are plans in the future to host a similar continuous event to expand  the village and allow students to put a fun little marker within the woods. As these houses and  the overall village have been painstakingly made and placed into approved areas, students are  encouraged to merely look and not touch or vandalize the small area that the Pathways to  Healing has the village within. It has brought many positive comments from both students and  visitors alike and so it would be great to ensure others have a chance to view the village as well.  

For those that want to be a part of the fairy village and Pathways to Healing, they host  meetings every other Tuesday at 4:20 p.m. on Zoom and can be found both on ospreyhub and  Instagram . Their next big event is also just around the corner, as they are hosting a sound healing meditation with Tibetan singing bowls in mid-March. So, as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, one may find themselves walking through the wooded paths around the university 

and come upon this little project designed with care and fondness that other students have made  to add a little whimsy to a trek in the woods.

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