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Reach the masses through writing and/or photography

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Staff Writers

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    Hone Writing Skills

    Staff Writers are able to practice and perfect writing skills through weekly articles and workshops.

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    Work on Interpersonal Skills

    Our Staff Writers are able to effectively communicate by interviewing Stockton community members on important issues.

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    Get Paid

    Staff Writers are paid $15 per published newspaper article and $10 per online article.

Staff Photographers

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    Shed Light on Great Stockton Events!

    Capture the experience at Stockton events on campus and share them through The Argo.

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    Have Your Photos in Print

    See your photos next to headlines in the paper.

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    Get Paid

    Staff photographers are paid $10 per high resolution (300 dpi +) photographs not taken on a smartphone.

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To write for The Argo, you must be a Stockton student, faculty or staff member. To be paid, you must be an enrolled Stockton Student or a recent alumni (1-2 years after your Stockton graduation). You may begin by emailing us to let us know you want to join. Upon emailing us, we can add you to our weekly emails where we suggest topics and workshops.
Articles are due to the Stockton Argo email by 12:00 pm noon on the Wednesday before an issue goes out. For example, if an issue would hit stands on Monday January 25th, 2016, then for your article to be considered, you must submit it by 12:00 pm on Wednesday, January, 20th, 2016. Upon receipt of your article, The Argo will decide whether to publish it or not. The Argo reserves the right to deny any submissions.

Articles must be 350 words or more (except if you are submitting poetry) and must be submitted in a Microsoft Word or Google Doc form with your name in the document. If your name is not in the document, whatever shows up next to your email will be used if we decide to publish it (sometimes this can be “Google User” so watch out!).

You can write about any topic you feel strongly about or any newsworthy event on campus!
The Argo has 4 sections that articles are divided into:
News – Objective news reports about current events on Stockton campus and in the world.
Your Voice – Opinion articles such as editorials, persuasive pieces and reviews of movies, TV shows, books, etc.
Creative Highlight – Creative writing pieces such as poetry or prose.
Academic Highlight – Short academic papers to share with your peers.
We at The Argo do not publish anonymous submissions. You must put your real name to the work that you publish in our publication.
Photographs must be sent by 12:00 pm on the Wednesday before an issue goes out to be considered for publication. To be paid for a photograph, one must use a high resolution camera, not a smartphone, and submit the photograph individually as a JPEG file at 300 dpi or higher. Please do not photoshop your photographs together, or they will be considered one submitted photograph.
Yes! You can send any rebuttals or responses to articles that have been published to The Argo email. They will be considered for publication and published as long as they are 350 words or more.
Yes! Email us your topic ideas to us and we will do our best to get a staff writer to cover the issue!

In all seriousness, we post our office hours every semester on our office door. You can expect an Argo staff member who can answer your questions during office hours. If you need to talk to someone in person outside of our office hours, please email us.

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