In This Issue: Trump Shocks Nation with Historic Electoral Upset Stockton Professor Target of Campus Hate Crime The Tutoring Center: The Friendliest Place on Earth! Stockton’s Performing Arts Center Celebrates 40th Anniversary Movie in Review: “Doctor Strange”


In This Issue: OGRE and Eta Sigma Phi’s annual Latin Day brings the Ancient to Life at Stockton Film “Shored Up” to be Presented at Kramer Hall A (Brief) History of Presidential Spin Assistant Professor Co-Authors book on migrant human rights issues FBI probe into Clinton emails hurts campaign in days leading to election


In This Issue: Stockton Takes Part in Make a Difference Day Stockton Professor Delivers a Winning Punch Line Kramer Hall to Host Author Mary Ann Trail Dr. Michael Busler and Dr. Dick Colby on Why They are Voting for Trump and Clinton Respectfully. Is there more to the iPhone iOS than meets the eye?


In This Issue: Students Evacuate Housing Due to Gas Leak Hot and Spicy: ASA’s Spicy Ramen Challenge Keep Calm and Vote Absentee! The Great Barrier Reef Plays Dead The Legacy and Impact of Film Scores


In This Issue:  In the Eye of the Beholder: Beauty and Society Meet Grad Schools (In Your Pajamas) Global Engagement Ambassador Program Make a Difference Day is coming to Stockton Shilo Previti reviews the play Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Nile


In This Issue:  “We All Have Roots”: The Native American Oral Tradition. Space: Stockton’s Final Frontier. Rainbow Flag Raised to Mark LGBTQ History Month. Tyler Osborne-Lomax recaps the Vice Presidential Debate Between Pence and Kaine. Donald Trump may have Avoided Paying Taxes for Years According to tax forms released by the NYT.


In This Issue:  Harvey Kesselman Becomes Stockton’s Fifth President Illustrations of the Heart: Ellen Forney Speaks at Freshman Convocation Interns on Interning: It’s Not Just for Business Majors Stockton Issues Campus-Wide Ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to safety concerns Astronomers Witness Water Plumes Erupting from Europa


In This Issue:  Students Attend Youth Peace Day Summit at UN. UN Secretary General Gives Final Address to the GA. Akhil Reed Amar Gives Constitution Day Keynote Address. President Obama vetos legislation allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. Professor Miller gives advice on how to deal with money issues.


In This Issue:  Study Tour to Europe Planned for Spring Semester Stockton Student Travels to Africa on Mission Trip Get Involved at the Get Involved Fair! New performing arts center planned to be constructed at Ground Zero Miss America pageant held at Boardwalk Hall in AC


In This Issue:  Stockton receives INSIGHT Into Diversity Award EOF Students Explore Stockton’s Hammonton Sites The Political Engagement Project Prepares Campus for November Election Apple and Nintendo to unveil new tech devices in the coming week. Clinton loses her lead in the polls as the first Presidential debate draws near.