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We are The Argo and we exist for Stockton University

A Bit About Us

For Stockton

The Argo was founded in 1971 as the independent student newspaper of the college. It operates as an independent, non-profit corporation, staffed by students and managed by an external Board of Directors. Each year it contracts with the college for subscription purposes. Funds to pay staff, purchase insurance, office supplies and equipment, and travel are generally raised through the selling of advertisements. The publishing schedule has varied over the years, but current schedules include 24 editions during the academic year and one summer issue aimed at new students.

For Everyone

The Argo welcomes all letters opinions, photographs, cartoons, articles, or other media from the general public; however, The Argo has the right to edit and either grant or deny publication of such media as it sees fit. With the exception of material sourced from a social media profile, the public domain, or any source where the rights to the media are restricted, such submissions become the property of The Argo.

Where We Are

Office: Campus Center, 212 L

Any solicitation by outside companies for work with the Argo that does not have to do with advertising will be marked as spam and deleted.

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The Team

Melissa Tucker | Editor in Chief

Melissa Tucker is a Communication major with a concentration in Media Production and a Writing minor at Stockton University. She has always had a love for film, journalism, radio, and television. Melissa is a part of Townsquare Media as a Digital Freelancer and Part-Time Promotions Assistant. Melissa has been a Staff Writer for The Argo since September 2016, and has also written for Her Campus. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music or watching a good movie.

Kat Wentzell | Assistant Editor

Kat H. Wentzell is a junior majoring in Communications Studies with a concentration in General Media Studies.  Kat is also pursuing a minor in Digital Literacy and Multimedia Studies.  She has been writing for the Argo since fall 2016 and is the assistant editor starting this school year. Kat is also a writer for Unclear Magazine. When she is not writing, Kat is often playing guitar, reading, or watching Netflix.

Brittney Welch | Copy Editor

Brittney Welch is a Senior majoring in Communications with minor in Political Science. Graduating in December, she will be attending law school next fall. She has been with the Argo since fall 2014 serving as a Staff Writer, and has worked as a Copy Editor from fall 2015 to spring 2016, and spring 2017 to now. She took off the fall 2016 semester to intern in Washington D.C.. She writes for her creation, The Argo’s Political Corner, and enjoys covering anything and everything about politics– particularly the Trump administration and the courts.

Sara Brown | Copy Editor

William Watt | Business & Advertising Manager

Bill Watt is a Junior at Stockton University pursuing a Political Science and Economics double major with minors in Global Studies and Information Systems. On campus, Bill serves an executive role in the Stockton University Student Senate, Model UN club, Stockton Model Congress, and the Stockton Tennis club. Mr. Watt began writing for the Argo in Spring of 2017 upon his return from a semester in Washington D.C. Bill’s articles have focused on local, state, and international politics. He has a passion for communication, business, and international diplomacy and looks to get more students involved in the Stockton community.

Gabrielle Ward | Copy Editor

Gabrielle Ward is a Junior at Stockton University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with minors in Writing and Dance. Gabrielle is an active member of Stockton’s HTMS Society and she has spent the previous two years Stage Managing Stockton Dance Program’s annual Spring Dance Concert. Gabrielle hopes to one day enter into the field of Food & Beverage with a particular interest in Beverage Tourism and the Drink Local trend pertaining to craft microbreweries and distilleries. She is very excited to begin her journey with The Argo!

Nolan Wentworth | Copy Editor


Board of Directors

The Argo is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of Stockton Alumni and members of the Stockton community.

  • Kim McCabe (ex-officio)
  • Scott Ackerman (2005)
  • Diana Dromsky (1998)
  • William Hand (1984)
  • Jaime Simons (1999)
  • Alec Pangia